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Industrial Plant Models

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3dmodel craft offers customers an extensive range of rapid prototyping (RP) services to meet any project goals that require superior, fast and accurate models and prototypes. The key to this is that wedoes not just work with one process, which means that the company does not make an application fit a process. Rather, the teams can quickly — and independently — assess project requirements and present clients with a process that will fit the application. The team of experts at 3dmodelcraft employ a wide range of rapid prototyping processes, including 3D printing processes such as stereolithography, Thermojet2 and selective lasersintering; more traditional subtractive processes such as rapid CNC machining; laser cutting as well as the vacuum formingprocess. Because of the nature of our business, we understand that terminology can often be confusing and we aim to overcome this with simple points of reference. For applications that require prototypes to be produced — whether this is a single initial concept prototype or a series of prototypes to prove form, fit or functionality — rapid prototyping is the service we supply. This denotes our ability to supply models and prototypes efficiently and within tight deadlines. Process selection is essential, however, when determining the requirements of the application. It is here that the skill base within the team ensures success. 3D printing technology is a cornerstone of the rapid prototyping service that we offers. A relatively new term, 3D printing uses additive technology to produce 3D parts direct from 3D CAD data for prototyping applications. There are a number of key benefits that 3D printing provides prototype applications over more traditional methods, namely faster lead times on the production of the prototype and therefore reduced development time, reduced costs, greater design freedom and significantly less material waste. Materials for 3D printing processes are in continual development, and while it is widely recognised that, for the most part, they do not have the same properties as final production materials, this gap is closing. 3D printing processes have proved greatly advantageous in a number of industrial sectors to date, including, but not limited to, architecture, defence,automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, consumer footwear and creative design

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